S. Kunde & Sohn

SKS GS 220 Telescope-pruning shears

with power transmission

100 years ago there were pruning shears with forged heads and scissor handles made of wood. Nowadays there are all kinds of pruning shears, made of different materials and with different techniques. Whether gear or ratchet, made of aluminum or with extendadble telescopic arms. Through to the bypass technology, 

cutting close to the trunk and extremely clean is possible. Since the head is made of forged steel, it is very robust, which is particulary evident when cutting soft and hard wood. In order to crate a comfortable weight, the telescopic arms are made of anodisd aluminum to guarantee fatigue-free working.

SKS GS 220 Telescope-pruning shears




Even distant, can be so close

Through their telescopic handles, you can reach branches that are further away with thse pruning shears and, thanks to their power bosst transmission, you can work without tiring, even overhead.

most important features

most important features of the SKS GS 220:

  • forged all-steel cutting head

  • hardened precision steel blade, replaceable blade

  • through the direct transmission, easy and fatigue-free working is also possible overhead (up to 40mm in diameter)

  • suitable for all trees

  • telescopic arms adjustable in stages

  • oval-shaped telescopic arms with non-slip handles

  • stainless





Right tools do half the job.

To be able to finish the work quick and efficiently, you should only rely on high-quality tools. Thats why we commited ourself to only offer these kinds of tools.


All technical details again at a glance.

cuttinghead - details

    • regrindable
    • forged
    • rustproof coated
    • easily interchangeable
    • stainless

loppers - details

  • lenght: 680 - 930 mm
  • weight: 1485 g
  • cutting performance: 40 mm
  • warranty: 5 years