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SKS tradition special edition pruners

These classical pruners exist over a 100 years when it comes to gardening tools for cutting. Those forged all-stell-pruners have already been produced since 1900. Back then they´ve already been really innovativ.

They have been used all the time and were unbreakable, the blades not exchangable and the closure was made of leather. We listen to our costumers and added new, bright summer colors to our SKS 6 family.

SKS 6 TRADITION special edition




Wether a darker indigo blue or a fresh, bright violet, with these pruners you wont only have tool that cut excellently, but also ones that look beatiful.

most important features

most important features of the SKS 6 Tradition:

  • exceptionally light pruner made out forged steel

  • 4-times secured power spring, made of stainless steel

  • specially hardened, regrindable and exchangeable steel blade with non-stick-coating

  • integrated wire notch

  • practical closure made out of stainless steel, does not close when cutting


wire notch

power spring



Right tools do half the job.

To be able to finish the work quick and efficiently, you should only rely on high-quality tools. Thats why we commited ourself to only offer these kinds of tools.


All technical details again at a glance:

If you want to, you can gladly download all technical details as a data file.

(Datas only available in german at the moment)

blade - details

    • regrindable
    • non-stick-coating
    • integrated wire notch
    • easily exchangeable
    • stainles

only available in german at the moment

pruner - details

  • handsize: S - L
  • length: 170 mm
  • weight: 148 g
  • cutting performance: 20 mm
  • guarantee: 5 years

only available in german at the moment